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The Forage Crop Genetics group is a young team of talented researchers, being part of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences (IAS) at the Department of Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS) of ETH Zurich.
The Forage Crop Genetics group aims at developing molecular technologies to understand the genetic composition of complex traits and application of this knowledge to plant breeding, supporting the development of new cultivars with novel traits that can contribute to a sustainable intensification of agriculture.
The Forage Crop Genetics group focuses on crops, particularly forage crops, and plant reproduction traits such as the two-locus self-incompatibility system, cytoplasmic male sterility and doubled haploid induction, and how these traits can be targeted for more efficient forage grass breeding. A strong focus is maintained on the use of various genotyping and sequencing technologies as well as bioinformatics approaches for genome analysis and breeding applications.

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